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Scratching is an innate and necessary part of being a cat. Scratching cleans and sharpens claws and is something a cat will do regardless of the sanctity of the surfaces in your home. If you want to provide a lure away from the furniture, having a scratching post is essential. You can make one using particle board, a square post, and carpet or. Scratching & Furniture. Cat scratching posts and furniture give felines a place to keep claws strong and healthy, as well as somewhere to play, hideaway, and relax. Save your furniture from claws when you choose cat scratching boxes, posts, and mats from this collection. Nail salons just scratching the surface of booming beauty trend Tom Starkey / Khmer Times Share A customer has her nails painted with a bespoke pattern in One Oasis Wellness Spa, Phnom Penh. Nail, in the anatomy of humans and other primates, horny plate that grows on the back of each finger and toe at its outer end. It corresponds to the claw, hoof, or talon of other vertebrates.The nail is a platelike, keratinous, translucent structure that consists of highly specialized epithelial cells. The nail grows from a deep groove in the dermis of the skin. Every time your cat uses the scratching post, give it a treat. Show your cat how to scratch her post by using your own fingernails. Dangle a toy over the scratching post so that it bangs against the post. When you cat swipes at the toy, she may discover the joy of scratching the post behind it. Sprays, Tapes and Other Deterrents. The action of scratching, referred to as stropping, loosens and removes the outer layers of the claw to reveal a sharp new surface underneath. You may find these nail layers around your home, especially in areas where your cat likes to scratch. Claw sharpening is an act of grooming for the cat. Nail biting is a pretty normal grooming behavior in cats. However, if the chewing becomes excessive, it could be indicative of other issues. Learn more about normal nail chewing and maintenance in cats, as well as causes of abnormal nail chewing. The Ultimate Scratching Post Encourages the Mental & Physical Stimulation of Cats! Cats need a scratching post that will allow them to get a full stretch. This post is 32” high and is designed to maximize your cat’s scratching pleasure by providing an appealing target for territorial marking, exercise and natural cat exuberance. Product. Soft Claws won't interfere with normal scratching and stretching behavior so cats can continue to scratch to their heart's content. They are safe and non-toxic and can be used long term without any negative effects. Easy to apply - Just add a few drops of the included adhesive to each cap and slide over the nail. Easy to apply, safe and effective! The humane alternative to declawing, SoftPaws nail caps help protect from damage caused by scratching and are economical. Veterinarian developed. Made in the USA.

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